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Supervene – Looking For The Sun (2020)

November 3, 2020  Claudia  0 Comments Rock, rock pop


Many people agree that the world as it is could do with some change. This is the basis of ‘Looking for the Sun’ by Supervene. The band has been inspired by the need to change the world for the better and highlights this with their unique sound. They reflect through the single on how global events and personal experiences from growing up seem to be recurring today in a similar way.


Anthony Gullace (drums), Ilya Iliadis (vocals, guitar) and George Iliadis (bass) combine their musical styles for a symbiotic blend. The mixture of incredible guitar riffs, bass runs and drums form the distinct sound of the band. Fresh out of hiatus, they are ready to get you hooked to this soundscape.


‘Looking for the Sun’ has this wonderful guitar opening that you can’t really help but like. It easily draws you into the song and sets the overall vibe of the single. It combines with the drums for a catchy chorus that you soar along with. The melody has a really great toe-tapping vibe that you are effortlessly drawn down. While toe-tapping, there is also an easiness to the melody that makes it so fun to listen to.


Iliadis’ vocals are as easy to listen to and get into as the melody. His performance is smooth and engaging as you are led through the vocals. The combination of his vocals and the melody create a single that is engaging and fills you with the motivation you need to change the world. The chorus is really catchy and you will be singing along to it before you realise what is happening.


Supervene draw you into an easy and distinct soundscape with their engaging single ‘Looking for the Sun’. The melody and vocals form an easy to listen to soundscape that fills you with motivation and good vibes.


Find out more about Supervene on their website, Instagram and Spotify.

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